Healthcare Fraud Shield Unveils Groundbreaking New Enhancements to RxShield™, a Pharmacy Fraud Waste & Abuse Analytics Solution

10 Nov


Healthcare Fraud Shield (HCFS), the fastest growing Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) system in healthcare today, announced the launch of the latest updates to their advanced pharmacy analytics solution. HCFS’s unique technology breakthroughs in pharmacy source data, advanced analytics and cutting edge dashboards deliver the most clear, concise and accurate indicators of drug related issues to our client network.   HCFS has fully integrated this powerful advanced RxShield™ system into every aspect of our SaaS platform including Pre-pay and Post-pay, Advanced Query and Case Management Systems, providing seamless critical pharmacy specific feedback at every stage of the FWA review process.

Steven Halper, CEO of HCFS, comments, “We are thrilled to develop this “game changing” pharmacy solution at a time when our healthcare industry is reeling from spiraling pharmaceutical costs, drug related overdoses and fraudulent medication prescriptions.  We invite interested parties to consider this as your invitation to peer into the future of pharmacy validation in a whole new way – through the powerful lens of RXShield™.”

Some of the many new advantages that RxShield™ delivers include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Incorporate unique external data elements to identify pharmacies and prescribers with state and/or federal sanctions
  • Demonstrate abusive patterns of prescription use by members
  • Morphine equivalent dosing alerts to identify overprescribing and overutilization
  • Detect prescribers providing medications outside the standard of care
  • Identify pharmacy aberrancies such as excessive use of override code
  • Detect pharmacies dispensing high volumes of brand versus generic drugs
  • Conduct cross-claim analysis between pharmacy and medical claims to identify medications without supported medical diagnoses

About Healthcare Fraud Shield

Healthcare Fraud Shield ( is one of the fastest growing providers of FWA systems in the healthcare industry.  Customers who implement the FWAShield™ suite of SaaS products have realized millions of dollars in savings, have prevented certain types of fraud, and have benefited from productivity and workflow improvements. The company founders and core development team previously pioneered the automated FWA systems in the banking and finance industry, creating two of the leading solutions still in use today.  By combining this cutting-edge technology with the most knowledgeable health care fraud prevention experts, Healthcare Fraud Shield is acknowledged as the most innovative and effective solution in the market today.

Media Contact:
Tony Rademeyer
Healthcare Fraud Shield

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