Healthcare Fraud Shield Announces Improvements to Fraud, Waste and Abuse Product FWAShield

16 Sep

For Immediate Release

Healthcare Fraud Shield Announces Improvements to Fraud, Waste and Abuse Product FWAShield

St. Louis, September 15, 2015 – Healthcare Fraud Shield has added new features to its Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) product FWAShield to improve FWA detection and recovery, which translates into cost savings and risk reduction for customers.  The features include: customized alert lists, link analysis, and real time access to integrated external data.  Customized alert lists allow customers to keep track of both total spend and percentage changes on specific providers, members and groups.  The integration of link analysis reveals potential relationships and connections between providers and members; it also provides key information including claim volume, dollars paid and dollars at risk for providers and members.  FWAShield customers now have the additional benefit of accessing external data in real time, which enables them to make immediate decisions.

Tony Rademeyer, Executive Vice President of Healthcare Fraud Shield, says these product improvements are part of a continuous effort to provide the most prolific data products, overlaid with superior analytics, within the most user friendly platform in terms of flexibility and customization.  “Simply stated, Healthcare Fraud Shield layers the best data analytics developed over the broadest and deepest source data to result in the most accurate findings possible.”

Healthcare Fraud Shield is one of the fastest growing providers of fraud, waste and abuse systems in the healthcare industry.  The company founders and core development team pioneered the automated fraud, waste, and abuse system space in 1995 with Appintelligence and revolutionized the Fraud Prevention market in 2005 with DataVerify, the two leading FWA systems within the mortgage and finance industry.  Leveraging their cutting edge technology gained in conquering the finance space, Healthcare Fraud Shield experts have created the consummate platform for payer, provider, and member users to maximize return on investment by minimizing medical costs associated with the fraud, waste and abuse issues challenging the healthcare industry today.


Richard Copeland
Healthcare Fraud Shield


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